Trevor’s Guide to Designing Fabric Bags

Cotton Bags

2D Canvas Bags

Cotton bags come in many different weights, from 3 oz Cotton to 18 oz Canvases. The heavier the weight, the thicker and stiffer the bag will be.

Pepper & Cinnamon - Flat Cotton Bags

These can have self-handles or be made into a duffle with cord handles.

3D Rectangular Bags

3D Rectangular Bags

3-D bag can be supplied with or without a lid. They can be sealed with velcro and can include pockets and flaps.

Sausage Style Duffel Bag

Sausage Style Duffel Bags

This duffle bag can be turned and made to have a tie on the one end.

Handles can be viscouse cord, cotton or made from the same fabric as the bag.

If the cotton is to be dyed, this increases the cost and the production time involved.

Bespoke Bags

Bespoke Bags

Our bags can be completely bespoke. Made to any size, colour, or print, as well as including pockets and flaps. It helps to plan your design with someone who can tell you just what is possible.

Jute Bags

Trevor - Heatsew

Jute bags can be screen printed or take heat transfers. The fabric can be dyed and they can also be embroidered.


Jute weave

Jute is a loosely woven, coarse fabric. It is advised that you do not print small detail images on this material as the print can ‘fall through’ the gaps in the weave.

Laminated Jute

Jute can be laminated, which results in a stiffer fabric. Un-laminated versions can be quite limp. The advantage of un-laminated jute is that it can be made into a drawstring bag. Laminated bags most often have cotton or webbing handles.

There are two types of laminate used for this process. One is not biodegradable and one is a fully compostable version. Make sure to specify when you place your order!

Gift and Wine Bags

Bespoke made gift bags and wine bags can be made in a variety of fabrics, anything from Jute, Cotton, Organza, Velvet, Velt to mention just a few.

Wine and gift bags

It is important to consider the kind of fabric you are using when you start to think about branding. Fabrics like Organza and Velt or Velvet are not fabrics that take kindly to printing. It is for this reason that we suggest printing onto a separate fabric to make a label and then sewing this label onto the bag.

Get help with how to design the perfect fabric bag in our useful info PDF.