Walnut Bags

Walnut Bag

Is this the style of bag you are looking for? Remember we make to order, so if it is the wrong shape or fabric, please discuss more options with Trevor your distributor.

Previous clients have requested this bag therefore the size indicated is what they deemed suitable, you of course can change the sizes to suit your project. Pockets, Flaps and Zips can be added if required.

Materials:Medium Weight Cotton (7oz) Dyed or Bleached
Fabric Handle:Same fabric, 1″ wide, 18″ long
Overall Size:14″ x 14″ + 3″
Branding:Fabric Bags can be either printed or embroidered. The number of colours will affect the cost of printing prices. Remember we print before we manufacture so you are not limited to a print area. Embroidery costs are affected by size and number of stitches.
Fabrics Available:We have a wide range of fabrics that our bags can be made in, it is important to note that not all fabrics are suitable. To assist you, we have suggested fabrics alongside.
The core fabrics that are available are:
JuteJute ViolaCanvasCottonDenim and Taffeta.
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