Exclusive Products

Our exclusive range can cover almost any type of bag. These are the unusual, the specific and above all the bespoke bags. If you have a particular idea for your promotion, or even if you want to come up with your own design, this is where you start. Everything from the size through to the fabric can be customised to make a product that fits your needs perfectly.

Obviously we can’t include every option here, so treat these pages as a guide or even an inspiration to what can be done with a little imagination and the right partner.

Get help with how to design the perfect fabric bag in our useful info PDF.

Basil Bag - front
Clove - Jute Bag
Garlic Bag
Ginger Jute
Mace Bag - Jute
Paprika Bag
Saffron Bag - Jute
Scotch Bonnet Bag
Tamarind Bag
Walnut Bag
Wine & Gift Bags