Jute Fabric

Jute Bags

also known as Hessian Bags, Gunny Bags or Burlap Bags

Jute has a very low carbon footprint compared to Cotton. All Jute can be termed as organic because it is grown wild and in a free range manner and needs almost no chemical or other help to grow. Gunny, Hessian or Burlap bags are all terms usually associated with loosely woven course jute, while the bags we make are made from finer jute yarns and a tighter weave. Jute is a “bast” fibre, meaning it is a fibre derived from the stem of the plant (unlike cotton which is made from the flower that grows on the plant). In this respect, jute is a cousin of linen, remie and hemp.

Lamination on Jute Bags

Jute bags are normally laminated internally to provide a “stiffness” to the bag structure. Jute is a very wide weave and therefore can “pull” if not laminated causing a bag to look a bit peculiar if something heavy has been left in one corner.

Jute by virtue of its natural coarseness has to have an open weave to allow it to be in a responsible weight. Weaving it tightly would render it unviably heavy. This weave with its natural malleability renders the bags made from it a little floppy. So a thin layer of plastic is often used to laminate it, which gives it stiffness and also renders it water resistant. To counter the ill-effects of the plastic, we have started using a D2W additive, made by a British company, to render it biodegradable.

  • Standard Lamination
    This helps make the bag firmer but it also counteracts the eco-friendliness of the bag as it is a man-made product … (plastic!)
  • Bio-compostable Lamination
    This helps maintain the eco-friendly aspect of the jute bag. It is however a musty yellow / grey in colour and does not stick quite as well to the laminate – as they say – “forewarned is forearmed” … make sure you are aware of the difference – we would hate you to say “oooh I don’t like the bubbles in that finish”

Printing and designing on Jute Bags

The wide weave of jute can be an issue if your design is very detailed. Artwork which is bold and with large fonts works much better on Jute bags. Small fonts or details will get lost in the “lack of” fabric in the wide weave.

Printed text on Jute fabric

In the above example you can compare how a bold text prints versus a smaller text, The smaller text isn’t as legible and details fall through the weave. Thin lines will also be affected the same way.