Spice Fabric Bags

Once upon a time plastic bags were the go to way for making sure your brand was carried away with your products. Things have changed since then, and now fabric bags, like our Spice Range have come into their own.

Pepper - Cotton Tote Bags

Not only are fabric bags walking billboards for your company, they can also show that your company cares enough to take environmental issues seriously. And with our spice range, its not just lip service! Our fabric bags are made from sustainable materials and are designed to be re-used over and over again, minimising their impact on the environment.

With a whole range of branding options, these bags can get the message out about your brand, and keep it around for a long time. Learn more about our printing options here.

Our Spice Range is split into two sections. Core Products and Exclusive Products.

In our core product range are our most popular bags. We can offer a great price and service, with a fixed range of options, wide enough to suit the majority of jobs.

Core Products

Our exclusive products cover those situations when standard isn’t what you want. As such these bags require a larger minimum order and longer lead times. Get in contact for more details if you require more details on any of these bags.

Exclusive Products