16 Allspice
  15 Basil
  14 Chilli
  13 Cinnamon
  12 Clove
  11 Garlic
  10 Ginger
b4l 9 Mace
  8 Nigella
b4l 8 Nutmeg
  7 Paprika
b4l 6 Pepper
  5 Saffron
  4 Scotch Bonnet
  3 Tamarind
  2 Walnut
  1 Wine & Gift Bags
b4l 2 Oyster


All bags marked with this logo indicate the most popular of our range used as "Bags for Life"

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Branding Bags ….First there was Paper – then Plastic – and now Cotton / Jute / Canvas … the list goes on!

Not only did the 70's see the birth of disco and flares, but it also saw the birth of the carrier bag. Since then the world has changed, disco has come and gone yet the carrier has continued on. Not only is it something that conveniently carrys shopping, it now does the talking while you do the walking.

In addition to be walking billboards for your company, bags are also now the ambassadors for communicating your company ethics to the masses, ethics such as being eco-friendly and environmentally concious are very highly rated.

Hence the SPICE RANGE! All the bags in the SPICE range are made from natural fabric – and best of all, all bags are made to order. This is brilliant as it means no longer does your bag have to be the biggest! Now it can be a sensible size the customer will re-use – it can fit your item, or giveaway, perfectly and you can add flaps, pockets, zips at random – either to make a design statement or for functionality.


As it is often difficult to give clients a blank sheet of material to work with – we have chosen some of the more popular designs – but remember guide yourself through this with an eye to …. “if we did this, tweaked that – people would remember our bag, and our brand, and we would really stand out from the crowd!”

Items you can change include, but are not limited to :tweak
Size (width, height or gusset or no gusset)
Material – you don’t like the denim – think about a chunky jute instead
Add a flap
Or zip

Trevor is available as either a pdf to assist you in designing a bag – or, when he is awake to online chat. Trevor can not discuss prices but he can help if you are unsure about your denim from your jute or your gussets from your bag width.

Most of all – this is a design process – to help brands stand out – so ENJOY!